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      The Royal Irish Rangers 27th (Inniskilling) 83rd & 87th

This is the official Association website of The Royal Irish Rangers 27th (Inniskilling) 83rd & 87th the oldest, most distinguished, Irish Infantry Regiment of the line, the purpose of this website is to keep the memory of this famous Irish Regiment alive.  The Regiment was formed on the  1st July 1968 from three other famous Irish Regiments spanning more than 300 years of service and loyalty to the Crown and their Country.

On this website you will read about the regiments history,
its pride, and of the courage of the men whom served in it.  Sit back and enjoy your visit, and before you go please read the Notice Board and Sign the Guestbook to let us know you were here. 

  The regiment today:-

In preparation for the forthcoming operational commitment, 1 R IRISH is launching a Wristband Awareness Campaign to generate support for Royal Irish soldiers and their families.

Its threefold aims are to:

Heighten awareness of the deployment of Irish infantry soldiers at the spearhead of foreign policy and   global awareness

Generate and widen demonstrable support to sustain both the soldiers and their families through the months of separation during the tour of duty in Afghanistan.

Raise funds for the immediate provision of welfare support – primarily for the movement of next of kin to visit the injured in forward based medical facilities either in the Oman, Selly Oak or Headley Court.

Wear a Royal Irish Wristband to show you care! And to support the lads in our regiment.

Please send a cheque with a 2 donation (or more if you wish)(payable to Central Bank 1 R IRISH) and your address to:-

The Unit Wefare Officer,
Clive Barracks
Tern Hill,


Wear it with PRIDE!

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Faugh A Ballagh
(Clear the Way)